We help the Construction and Manufacturing sector to deliver their products with Quality Assurance.

About Sai Tech

Founded and Managed by Competent Engineer who is having passion towards Energy efficient, Environment friendly, Simpler & User Friendly Engineered solutions

Supply Air International Private Limited contributes to the Infrastructure needs on Engineering Design, Analysis, Optimization, Consulting and Sales & Contracting services for various infrastructural needs such as SMART Building, Air-Conditioning, Water supply systems, Swimming-pool, Spa & Saloon, Electrical & Lighting systems, Electronic surveillance systems, Data & Networking solutions, Robotics & Automations.

Specialized in Software based Engineering Design CAD,CAE, FEM & CFDs in Product selections, Mathematical Analysis, Optimization and onsite support of supply, installation, testing & commissioning.

Supply Air International

  • To choose it right
  • To use it right
  • To maintain it right…
  • You need to be with right people …
  • And we are the right people…
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FloSaukhya comforts you with the right people for your needs such as :

  • Integrated Coldstore Packhouse
  • SMART Buildings
  • SMART Poultry / Hatcheries
  • SMART Goat / Cattle farms
  • Export Management Consulting
  • Export e-filing

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At FloRaksana you are with the Branded service :

  • 24 x 7 customer care
  • Customized service
  • A modular & Innovative Integration of CAD BIM CFD & BMS

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We are proud to launch our special conceptualized Design and automized Equipment which is developed by our team which addresses the current demand for the farm produces to qualify it for exporting.

pacHOUZ reduces waste and improve traceability and packing efficiency.

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